Shelby Tubes

Shelby Tubes


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Shelby Tubes

Shelby tubes have thin-walls, hollow steel samplers, that drive into the ground to extract a relatively undisturbed soil sample for use in laboratory tests to determine density, permeability, compressibility and strength.  Each tube has one end that is chamfered to form a cutting edge and the upper end includes holes for securing the tube to a drive head.  Shelby tubes are useful for collecting soils that are sensitive to sampling disturbance.  They can also be used to transport samples back to the lab.

Part#                    Description                                      
H-4210.230          2″ dia. x 30″ long
H-4210.236          2″ dia. x 36″ long
H-4210.253          2.5″ dia. x 30″ long
H-4210.256          2.5″ dia. x 36″ long
H-4210.10            3″ dia. x 10″ long
H-4210.12            3″ dia. x 12″ long
H-4210.18            3″ dia. x 18″ long
H-4210.24            3″ dia. x 24″ long
H-4210.30            3″ dia. x 30″ long
H-4210.36            3″ dia. x 36″ long
H-4210.353          3.5″ dia. x 30″ long
H-4210.356          3.5″ dia. 36″ long
H-4210.524          5″ dia. x 24″ long


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