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Rapid RH Smart Sensor Packs 4.0 EX

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Part: 880-R0000-008


The Rapid RH Smart Sensor packs are factory calibrated using CMOSens™ technology, which ensures the accuracy and fast equilibration of every Smart Sensor.  Each smart sensor pack comes with a NIST Traceable calibration certificate.

Each pack includes:

  • Extensions
  • Orange Protective Caps (OPC)
  • Stainless Steel Caps (SSC)
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Floor Map
Part# Description Extensions OPC SSC
880-R0000-008 Sensors 5/pk 10 5 5
880-R0040-008 Sensors 25/pk 50 25 25
880-R0050-008 Sensors 50/pk 100 50 50
880-R00100-008 Sensors 100/pk 200 100 100