Perfa-Cure Match Xtreme Field Curing Box

Perfa-Cure Match Xtreme Field Curing Box



Perfa-Cure Match Xtreme Field Curing Box

The Perfa-Cure Match Xtreme field curing box automatically matches the core temperature of the specimen without needing a thermostat.  This creates the most accurate strength comparison for initial cure time break results.  Simply insert the exterior probe into the concrete and plug the unit in.  The 6-inch stainless steel probe features a 15 foot protective armor shielded cord that withstands all weather conditions, as well as any construction environment.

The dual heating and gas free air conditioning system regulates temperature rapidly and effectively.  The curing box also features a circulation fan that constantly runs to maintain a more accurate internal cure box temperature.  The unit’s interior mounted hi-lo thermometer saves min/max temperature recordings.  It also features an external hi-lo thermometer that allows you to view the specimen temperatures in real time without having to open the cure box and affect the test environment.

The curing box stores up to 32, 4″ x 8″ cylinders or 10, 6″ x 12″ cylinders.  Additionally, the lightweight unit weighs under 60 pounds when empty.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. 

Requires 110V AC

Weight 116 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 20 × 24 in

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Perfa-Cure Match Extreme Field Curing Box Perfa-Cure Match Xtreme Field Curing Box
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