Organic Impurities Test Set

Organic Impurities Test Set


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Organic Impurities Test Set

The organic impurities test set determines possible presence of organic compounds in fine aggregates. Shaken in a special graduated bottle with 3% sodium hydroxide solution. After shaken samples stand for 24 hours. Results show liquid color above the test sample. If colors appear darker than standard color organic compound may be present.


  • H-3490A Graduated 8oz. Colorless Glass Test Bottles (6)
  • HM-816 Sodium Hydroxide Pellets 12oz. Bottle (1)
  • UTA-0885 Color Reference Chart (1)
  • Replacements for the above items can be purchased separately
  • Add a bottle of the HM-818 Reagent Grade Sodium Hydroxide Pellets to meet ASTM Standards (sold separately)
  • The sodium hydroxide pellets make enough 3% solution to perform over 150 tests 
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Organic Impurities Test Set Organic Impurities Test Set
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