Ohaus Precision Balances 0.1g

Ohaus Precision Balances 0.1g


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Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balances

The Ohaus Pioneer precision balances have selectable environmental communication and printing settings. Each balance features RS232 communication and comes complete with an AC adapter.  The 7.1 inch platform balances also feature auto tare, software lockout, a reset menu, and auto standby.


PX2201 2,200g x 0.1g Balance Int Cal

PX2201/E 2,200g x 0.1g Balance

PX4201 4,200g x 0.1g Balance Int Cal

PX4201/E 4,200g x 0.1g Balance

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Ohaus Pioneer Precision Balances Ohaus Precision Balances 0.1g
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