James Bond Tester ™ MK III

ASTM C1583, D4541; ACI 503-30

Part: N/A
P-C-7300 James Bond Tester ™ MK III - James Bond Tester™ MK III James Bond Tester™ MK III
P-081-10700-002 James Bond Tester ™ MK III - Steel Disc 2 Steel Disc 2"

James Bond Tester MK III

The James Bond Tester MK III is a pull off adhesion test that measures the bond/tensile strength of concrete, asphalt, tile, concrete repair, or other overlay material by the direct tension or pull off method.  The unit successfully verifies the quality of existing materials, determine the adhesion strength of shotcrete, tile, epoxies, paint and other repair materials or coatings.


  • Accurate bond strength of repair mortars, epoxy resins, laminates, overlays, and other coatings
  • Calibrated gauge with maximum load indicator and mechanical damping
  • Ball joint design for rapid testing as well as assuring direct tensile loading
  • Adjustable alignment plate with built in leveling facility for both vertical and horizontal pulls

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