Heater-Circulator Combo Kit


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WT-3115 Heater-Circulator Combo Kit - heater-circulator-combo-kit Heater/Circulator Combo Kit
WT-3106 Heater-Circulator Combo Kit - heater-circulator-hanger Heater/Circulator Hanger
WT-3030 Heater-Circulator Combo Kit - digital-tank-heater Digital Tank Heater
WT-3040 Heater-Circulator Combo Kit - circulating-pump-115v Circulating Pump, 115V

Heater-Circulator Combo Kit

The heater-circulator combo kit includes a precision digital controller that maintains water bath temperatures to ±2°F.  It also includes the corrosion resistant titanium heating tube. Additionally, the lightweight digital display features a hook and adhesive backed Velcro for mounting. The circulating pump moves the water around to maintain the standard 77°F temperature.

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