CONBEL® Load Frame

CONBEL® Load Frame


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CONBEL Load Frame

CONBEL Load Frame ASTM D2435, D4546; AASHTO T216 The CONBEL® Pneumatic/Dead-Weight Consolidation System instantaneously applies and maintains pneumatic loads. Precision consolidation testing and features a dead-weight mechanism for application of small loads from 100—3,200tsf (4.8—153.2kPa). All necessary weights included. Applied loads maintain a precision pressure regulator. The self-contained


Replacement Parts                                                                           

1016-1              Black Cross Bar
1016-15            Small Diaphragm
1016-24A          Dial Indicator Bracket
1016-5              Dial Indicator Rod

Meets ASTM D2435, D4546 and AASHTO T216

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CONBEL Load Fram CONBEL® Load Frame
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