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Roller Meters

Concrete roller meters are used for the rolling method of measuring entrained air in any concrete.  Roller meters come in aluminum or plastic (volumetair).  The lightweight aluminum roller meter simply and accurately measures the air content of any fresh mixed concrete.  The meter is constructed from aircraft grade cast aluminum and is black anodized to resist corrosion from concrete mixtures.  The aluminum meter kit comes complete with the meter, stainless steel fast-acting clamps, tamping rod, bulb syringe, baffle funnel assembly, straightedge, spanner wrench, measuring cup, and heavy-duty plastic carrying case.  The Volumetair roller meter is an ultra-lightweight meter that weighs two-thirds less than the brass roller meter and one-half less than the aluminum roller meter.  The kit comes complete with the meter, funnel, bulb syringe, tamping rod, calibration cup, rubber mallet, strike off bar and plastic carrying case.

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