Combination Soil Testing Outfit

Combination Soil Testing Outfit


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Combination Soil Testing Outfit

The combination soil testing outfit offers the finest visual color matching system available. Its technically advanced reagent system provides fast, simple and extremely accurate soil testing results. The standardized reagent produces color reactions measured against laminated color charts. Additionally, the testing outfit comes with a lightweight carrying case with its components securely mounted in removable foam trays.

Most tests use the Colormetric test method. Soil pH is determined using a series of pH indicators and color charts covering the range of pH 3.8 to 9.6. The outfit also includes a simplified procedure for screening nitrates, phosphorus, and potassium in plate tissues.

Included in each Kit: 

  • Complete instructions
  • Soil management handbook and a pad of soil analysis report forms


MODEL STH-14 / CODE 5010-01
pH 3.8-9.6 (100 tests)
Nitrate Nitrogen 10-150lbs/acre (50 tests)
Phosphorus 10-200lbs/acre (50 tests)
Potassium 100-400lbs/acre (50 tests)
Humus (Organic Matter) L-H 1.5%-8% (50 tests)
Calcium 150-2800ppm (50 tests)
Magnesium L-H 5-150ppm (50 tests)
Ammonia Nitrogen L-H 5-150ppm (50 tests)
Manganese L-H 4-40ppm (50 tests)
Aluminum L-H 5-125ppm (50 tests)
Nitrite Nitrogen 1-50ppm (50 tests)
Sulfate 50-2000ppm (50 tests)
Chloride 25-500ppm (50 tests)
Ferric Iron 5-125 lbs/acre (50 tests)


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 25 in

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Combination Soil Testing Outfit Combination Soil Testing Outfit
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