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Test-Master Screen Shaker

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TM-6 Test-Master Screen Shaker - test-master-7-tray-capacity Test-Master® (7 Tray Capacity)
TM-5 Test-Master Screen Shaker - test-master-6-tray-capacity Test-Master® (6 Tray Capacity)

Test-Master Screen Shaker

Gilson’s Test-Master Screen Shaker delivers accurate particle size separations for large samples. Features an easily controlled, integrated hopper. Vertically hinged front panel doors offer improved access and clearance while reducing nuisance dust. Internal rotating counterweights of the Test-Master® drive system equalize the vertical screening action for smooth, quiet operation. Coarse materials feature a standard vibration design. Hinged at the rear is the 1.6ft³ hopper. In addition a panel blocks the opening of the hopper to keep dust from escaping.

Built-in is an electronic digital controller with an LED display. The display features time remaining and produces an audible tone at the end of each cycle. Easily program cycles lasting 99 minutes, 59 seconds. Interruption to cycles will not cause loss of time. An ergonomically operated foot-pedal controls the hydraulic clamping and pressure release system.


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